How Each Breath Counts Supports Healthcare Professionals

Each Breath Counts stands out as a pioneering healthcare staffing agency dedicated to improving and furthering the careers of healthcare professionals across the Midwest. Our mission is to build meaningful connections and ensure patients have the care they need from qualified traveling nurses and other medical staff. 

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Traveling Nurse Jobs & Placement

For cross-country nurses pursuing different job opportunities, Each Breath Counts streamlines the job placement process, ensuring a seamless match based on individual skills and preferences. Our personalized approach guarantees nurses and other professionals find reliable employment wherever needed. 


Healthcare Development Via Education 

Our continued education units are designed to help members of the medical field stay abreast of the latest developments in their respective areas of practice. By enhancing their knowledge and career prospects, we equip healthcare professionals with the tools needed to excel in their roles and advance.

CPR training.

American Heart Association (AHA) Certifications

At Each Breath Counts, we provide unwavering support for American Heart Association (AHA) certifications. Our healthcare staffing agency eliminates obstacles hindering career progression by assisting nurses in receiving BLS, ACLS, and PALS certifications, ensuring they are well-positioned for growth and success.

Doctor office.

Medical Facility Staffing

From initial assessment to ongoing assistance, our healthcare facility staffing guarantees that facilities are matched with qualified professionals tailored to meet their specific staffing requirements. This approach fosters a secure and efficient patient care environment in hospitals and clinics across the Midwest,

Don’t Miss A Beat With Each Breath Counts

Each Breath Counts is an ally to healthcare professionals, helping them enhance their careers and ensure positive patient care outcomes. Learn more about how our healthcare staffing agency and travel nurse staffing agency can help you!

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