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Controlling Talent
Life-Cycle Stages

Each Breath Counts, LLC - August 11, 2022

Healthcare industry is constantly on the lookout for developing new strategies and frameworks at each and every stage of their talent management life-cycle. Starting from recruiting, sourcing the talent pool, up to maintaining an adequate level of employee satisfaction for employees at payroll and at other positions, numerous frameworks are being designed and created by such organizations for bridging gaps in the healthcare industry, eliminating the non desired impacts such nature of work has on its employees.

Healthcare sector has observed an increased level of de-motivation at the workplace among healthcare employees in lieu of heightened pressure they have to deal with. Hence, hospitals and healthcare institutions are making their best efforts to pay increased attention to employee engagement initiatives, including new learning and career development models imparted to the workforce.

Reports have analyzed that talent management in healthcare staffing is aligned with the end goal of exceeding customer, patient expectations, at each stage of the talent cycle. Recruitment being the strong foundation for successful next stages in the talent life-cycle, healthcare firms are increasingly focusing on making efficient use of technologies and software available for attracting, sourcing and selecting the best candidates for such positions. With the increasing use of artificial intelligence, niche healthcare job boards, applicant screening and tracking, this stage has been very proficiently controlled by firms.

With decreased retention rates, decreased job satisfaction, reduced morale have been the major drawbacks in the healthcare staffing sector, organizations are pushing for effective on-boarding and employee engagement to their best capabilities by activities like increased team participation, training, communication, virtual support, digital assistants being provided to workforce.