Each Breath Counts cares for healthcare providers.

Our experienced healthcare staffing agency finds qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals, connecting them with the right facilities and filling open job positions. We start by understanding the hiring criteria of these hospitals and clinics and then matching that with candidates that best fit the portfolio.

Our Purpose

We open up extraordinary opportunities for healthcare professionals and facilities by carefully following healthcare trends and vacancies across the country. Through this, we do our part to serve humanity by creating highly safe and productive work environments.

Our Vision

For too long healthcare recruiting and medical staffing has been a stressful, sub-par, drain on resources. Each Breath Counts aspires to make meaningful change by streamlining the process of finding dream jobs and dream candidates. Contact us to find the right traveling nurses and open travel nurse jobs!

Our Commitment

Above all else, our goal is to establish and maintain positive relationships with those we work with. As such, we take time to learn your goals and needs which helps create safe, happy, and fulfilling work environments.




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What Does a Healthcare Staffing Agency Do?

Our nurse staffing agency is responsible for finding qualified candidates to fill open positions in hospitals and other medical facilities. Organizations like ours provide staff that can work long-term, short-term, or even on a contract basis. They also offer specialized services such as providing temporary staff for specific projects or departments.

Benefits of Working with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

Working with a healthcare staffing agency has many advantages for travel healthcare workers. Each Breath Counts can save employers time and energy by doing all the legwork involved in searching for job openings and submitting applications. We will provide you with information about potential employers so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to accept an offer of employment. Furthermore, most agencies offer benefits such as housing assistance and health insurance reimbursement that can help make your transition into travel nursing easier.

Our Story

Each Breath Counts, LLC is an innovative healthcare staffing agency founded in St Louis, Missouri in 2012. We specialize in helping healthcare providers find highly qualified and experienced professionals who perfectly fit their organizational and clinical needs. Our unique value proposition comes from our passion for building meaningful relationships between healthcare providers and patients with a focus on developing positive outcomes. With our mission to enhance patient life through superior health services and our vision of offering compassionate and timely medical support, we strive to be a leader in transforming the industry. With the vision of creating a better future for all parties involved, we strive each day toward our ultimate goal – helping those we serve breathe easier.

Let Us Connect You With Healthcare Solutions

I'm a Healthcare Professional

Our success depends on yours. We love helping healthcare professionals achieve their career goals. View our open travel healthcare jobs and contact us if you’re interested in our staffing programs.

I'm an Employer

We have a vast and diverse pool of candidates, which helps us fill vacancies faster. Contact us if you need healthcare recruitment assistance and need to fill open jobs.