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Incorporating Recognition of Nurses

Each Breath Counts, LLC - January 23, 2022

Nurses are the central and primary caregivers for patients at healthcare settings. Their profession demands delivering magnificent care and compassion. While fulfilling such responsibilities, healthcare organizations sometimes sideline the requisite acknowledgement and appreciation of their diligent efforts. Well-established organizations like the Cleveland Clinic comprehend the significance of appreciating nurses for their commendable endeavors, which is something that they indisputably deserve

Some of the ways by which recognition can be provided to nurses are as below:


Healthy and positive Environment: The tremendous work pressure hovering upon nurses while on the job can have negative impacts on them in terms of their physical and emotional well-being not being fulfilled. It thus becomes imperative for their colleagues like doctors and managers, to provide them with a healthy workplace by reducing their stress levels. And this can be done by providing them adequate breaks during work, acknowledging their work by appreciating them, ensuring they have required protection and safety, give them special treats, greetings, gifts on their birthdays, and continue making such little efforts, which can make a big difference in boosting their morale and work efficiency.


Frequent Pay Hikes and Promotions: The heightened service demands that nursing profession holds are manifold compared to any other profession in the healthcare industry. Nurses need to deliver humanitarian care while assisting multiple patients along with performing other assisting tasks with doctors, managers and healthcare providers. While multitasking and working overtime, they also need to invest time and energy in looking after themselves for their physical and emotional well-being. This makes them truly deserving of regular increase in pay scales at frequent intervals throughout the year.


Recognizing nurses for their unconditional service truly will go a long way in maintaining a healthy workplace and positive patient outcomes.