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Reforming Nursing Staff Demand Modelling And Scheduling With Digitalization

Each Breath Counts, LLC - November 7, 2021

In order to meet the accelerated demand of delivering utmost patient care in nursing homes, optimizing the nursing staff in terms of finding out their requirement in numbers through demand modelling and scheduling has become all the more crucial. There is a consistently growing necessity to implement digitalization within such models for making this process of nursing staff planning to be very cost effective, and utilizing skills of existing staff in nursing homes as efficiently as possible.

It has been noticed that in the current scenario such nursing staff planning has not been proven to be as effective as it should have been, which is why nursing homes have directed themselves to the cloud computing and accessible technology route in the form of mobile devices while recognizing the benefits that such a digitalization adoption can deliver to them in terms of designing technologically oriented nursing staff planning and strategies.


The onset of highly advanced cloud computing technology makes nursing homes fortunate today by having access to it. Well-structured nursing staff planning, demand modelling and scheduling is being conducted with the help of cloud-based modelling and scheduling platforms. Nurses scheduling data is hosted on these platforms and communicated easily to entire staff, thus ensuring availability of nurses for a long time in near future and seamless management of their shift timings. This also contributes towards minimizing the cost involved in staff planning, otherwise greater in traditional approach.


Such cloud computing when combined with usage of mobile devices and related applications, nondominated sorting genetic cloud computing algorithm results in minimizing working hours of nurses, thus improving their job motivation levels, as well as improving the nurse-to-resident ratios with their availability ensured all the time as required.