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Impact of Technology on Healthcare Staffing

Each Breath Counts, LLC - October 24, 2021

The healthcare industry is blessed today to be surrounded with prolific advancements in technology and plethora of options available to it, in order to align the primary goal of delivering utmost patient care with employing the most suitable healthcare professional in healthcare settings, and catering to the challenge of shortage of such candidates, heightened due to the onset of coronavirus pandemic.

Changing Times for Healthcare Staffing

A paragon shift from the traditional in-person hiring approach towards utilizing tools like telehealth and digitized recruitment strategies, creates a win-win situation for staffing firms, hospitals and clinics, as well as healthcare workforce. There is an enhanced level of satisfaction among nurses, doctors and physicians as they get access to the appropriate dashboards, companies through relevant mobile applications which aid them in experiencing greater work satisfaction at the hospital. Access to video conferencing apps and other web-based online platforms increases possibilities for staffing firms for finding the right fit among the shortlisted talent pool. And such positive impacts of healthcare staffing lead to enhanced patient care delivery as well, thus leading to the overall growth of the healthcare sector.

Rapid development taking place at the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning front have been enormous contributors in such staffing benefits. Using these premium technologies, staffing firms today can conduct online assessments and the like based on cognitive, cultural and behavioral aspects, for almost precise prediction of the way a shortlisted or selected candidate will perform on-the-job, a feature that mankind may have just dreamt of a few years ago. And hence, by using smart technologies to make even smarter hiring decisions, healthcare positions are filled like shooting fish in a barrel.


Tech Tools to Support Healthcare Staffing

One such significant technology among the various available alternatives is a very recent and functional tool, invented to the rescue of staffing firms to reduce their stress and effort of filling huge talent gaps, and help them invest their highly valuable time asset towards other focus points, is the ShiftAlert tool, which communicates short-term staffing needs directly to qualified staff via messages, mails and IVR. This eases the burden of nurses as well, and so, patient care delivery is not hampered too.


Another stupendously revolutionary technology used to compensate for vacant health staff positions and hospital shifts is the AI-enabled Robotic Process Automation platform. With use of RPA, shifts are sent to only those candidates who match the skills sets of the role. With that, it addresses specific requirements of clients as well as candidates by managing otherwise tedious job of communication for staffing firms


Healthcare Staffing Trends

With the advent of such multi-faceted technologies loaded with benefits for the health sector on the rise, increasing collaborations between tech investment firms and nursing and staffing firms are being witnessed, as AI-driven marketplace brings closer access to such technologies for staffing firms and candidates. And this surely is a glimpse of hope to bridge the existing recruitment and health workforce gaps that had been existing already, and increased since the pandemic outbreak.

All these marvelous progresses in technology surely make us believe that, a time when staffing firms will have to make minimal or rather no manual efforts to find the right and skilled talent pool of healthcare professionals, may be in proximity.