Each Breath Counts




Each Breath Counts, LLC - October 17, 2021

Sourcing and recruiting requisite nurses is indisputably an imperative requirement, not only for the healthcare ecosystem, but more so for establishing efficient treatment of patients. In order to ensure positive patient outcomes, a focused purview is on their satisfaction levels in terms of parameters such as their safety, utmost superior care, contiguity of nurses at all times. And achieving such patient related services to the highest degree completely leans on physical and emotional well-being of nursing staff, what kind of hiring structures do healthcare organizations follow, whether nurses recruitment matches up to the demand, and whether hospitals and clinics implement strategies and measures for ensuring their well-being.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the levels of job dissatisfaction among nurses has seen to be elevated. The care and compassion that needs to be delivered to patients, can be provided to them only if the nurses themselves feel fulfilled and content with their work and surrounding environment. Recent studies from the U.S.A. display clear evidence of the adverse impacts of heightened patient care demands from fewer nurses, especially after an increased number of patients admitted due to COVID-19 effects. Main findings of the research display higher rates of exhaustion and fatigue among nurses, which is mainly due to factors like lesser number of nurses pressurized with unbearable patient-related workloads, resulting in increased healthcare-associated infections, higher morbidity, and mortality, and reduced care among patients.

Thus, it would be pertinent to say that we can compare how nurses impact patient outcomes to the paramount role that oxygen plays in our lives.