Each Breath Counts





Each Breath Counts, LLC - September 26, 2021

If we look at the healthcare industry scenario prevailing today, we will observe that the demand and requirement of healthcare workforce has increased manifold, however, the amount of specialized talent available to fulfill these requirements does not match up to this ever increasing demand.

And hence, the staffing firms have realized the significance of moulding and modifying their traditional and existing recruitment strategies. So, they are coming up with creative frameworks to replenish this shortage today.

  • To bridge the gap of the shortage of healthcare staff in hospitals, staffing firms are more open and flexible to hire employees on travel and contractual positions. Such an approach not only helps the staffing firms to minimize their cost, but also find the best talent which they might not have come across if they would have continued to hire employees only on permanent payroll.
  • The manner in which manpower recruitment firms are making use of available technologies to their advantage is worth appreciating. They are working on making these technologies and applications support them in shortlisting the candidates who are the most qualified and experienced for a specific healthcare position, and which eliminates the candidates not meeting the eligibility and requirement criteria in the process. Such firms have realized the need to keep themselves updated with such latest technologies.
  • Healthcare staffing firms also comprehend with the challenges associated with the role that nurses, doctors, physicians, therapists etc. have to perform at hospitals with underlying pressure. Due to this, they are working on creating such process of selection in which they are able to gauge and select efficiently those candidates who are able to handle such pressures at their workplace and at their job.
  • Staffing organizations are in favour of promoting internships and on-the-job training in a healthy way. The reason for holding such provision to be significant is that the hospitals would be able to analyze the skills, expertise and capabilities of healthcare workforce while they are actually performing their roles and responsibilities at the hospital. And out of all those candidates who are performing such training, they can then do a final selection of the workforce that they observed to be the most efficient in performing their assigned duties and responsibilities.
  • As pointed earlier, as staffing firms today realize that the gap between the demand and recruitment of talent to meet that demand is ever-increasing, they are also implementing revised compensation strategies, along with realizing the hardships associated with such employment. They are providing add on benefits, perks, incentives and allowances to attract the finest talent pool, and also providing them flexibility related to their work to a great extent. And this inculcates a very positive work environment around employees, which increases their work productivity.


To conclude, we can say that these major strategies and frameworks highlighted above along with some other initiatives taken by staffing firms are proving to bring a positive shift in their recruitment process and to be highly effective in recruitment of most eligible, qualified, and experienced healthcare expertise required by hospitals to serve patients in the best possible way.