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Rising Trends in the Healthcare Staffing Industry

Each Breath Counts, LLC - April 25, 2021

The revenue of the healthcare staffing sector overall has been continuing to increase, especially in lieu of the current circumstances the world is facing due to the pandemic being hit. There has been an urgent need for travel nurses and related labor staff in hospitals due to the increased shortage of such back-end workforce during these tough times.
Increased hiring of healthcare staff witnessed recently
Doctors and healthcare professionals have been requiring escalated support of the back-end workforce at hospitals in recent times, which is why the healthcare recruitment firms have been seen to be proactively conducting such hiring processes to fulfill the growing demand of such staff. 
Although such an increase has been throughout the different positions to be filled, however the requirement for contractual and travel positions has increased manifold recently. Along with this increase in demand, such nursing and related staff is being provided extra benefits along with their contract terms. Such staff is provided ample amount of flexibility at the workplace, plus such a hiring model leads to a great cost efficiency for the staffing firms as well. So, it thus becomes a win-win situation. 
Rising pay with rising demand
The travel and contractual healthcare staff has now become a separate entity of its own due to the massive growth in the demand of travel workforce. And such a demand increase has lead to a great increase in the par scale of such workers.The U.S. market in this staffing sector is now estimated to be about $16.2 billion.
Along with the increased salaries that they receive now, staffing firms and hospitals also have become more inclined towards proving such staff with added benefits along with regular pay keeping in view the immense challenges that such workers face at the workplace to keep them motivad.