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Positive experiences of staff in travel positions

Each Breath Counts, LLC - April 25, 2021

The emergence and growth of new technological work models in the healthcare industry such as tele-health and tele-medicine have created a positive change in the process of healthcare employment. The experiences of healthcare staff have remained very positive and encouraging for them over these years.

If we talk about the workforce working in travel and contract positions, we can say that such workers have mostly been included as part of the in-house hospital team. They have been given equal amount of orientation and training as any other hospital staff, and the hospital team have welcomed them with open arms every time they have traveled and worked at a new hospital location. And since the hospital is already operating under stressful conditions due to shortage of requisite staff, such contractual nurses are treated very nicely at the hospital since they ease the working operations by fulfilling the dearth of workforce.

One of the common experiences which many of the healthcare workers have shared regarding travel positions is the opportunity that they have had to travel around the globe and see and experience different kinds of cultures of different countries, taking up adventure activities, becoming more aware about tourism related aspects.

Growing demand with changing conditions

The demand for various kinds of healthcare circumstances such as online consultations, tele-medicine, urgent care for patients infected with COVID-19, having enough talent pool as backup for frontline workers infected with the virus, increased ageing population.  The scope and process of recruitment of healthcare staff has seen a gradual shift from traditional to digital and modern approach to staffin